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Thursday, 17 May 2012


The DPS MMS Scandal refers to the sex scandal in 2004 that involved the creation of pornographic MMS by two students of Delhi Public School (also known as DPS) and its illegal distribution as well as bid to auction on eBay (then known as

The MMS clip

The alleged pornographic MMS clip was 2.37 minutes long and was shot by the two 17 year old students of DPS, R.K Puram school involved, on a mobile phone. It is reported that the sexual act as well as the making of the clip was a consensual activity as admitted by the students.

Students involved

While the two students of involved in the sexual act and filming were underage students of Delhi Public School. The girl of XII - J Science(Comp) & boy from new friends colony who is in DPS,  R.K Puram cricket team before he got rusticated from the school & recently got into the DELHI UNDER-17 CRICKET TEAM. Once the video clip went viral on mobile phones, Raviraj, a student of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur( 8th sem geo physical sciences) tried selling this clip by listing it on While the two producer-students were not prosecuted since they were minors and Raviraj was acquitted because he had not made any sales of the clip yet and his possession of the clip could not be proved beyond certainty, the blame was then directed to Avnish Bajaj, the CEO of

Auction bid

On December 9, 2004 a news item appeared in Delhi-based tabloid TODAY with the Headline "DPS sex video at". The news item by Anupam Thapa had the tag "Outrage" and was an exclusive story and stated "online website goes ahead with the sale of the infamous clip". The news item stated: "India's biggest online trading portal had listed the said MMS clip under the title 'DPS girls having fun' with the member ID of 27877408. The police upon investigation learnt that one Alice Electronics of Kharagpur West Bengal had since 27th November 2004 sold 8 copies of the said MMS clip." After this story appeared Delhi Police Commissioner took cognizance of the news item and ordered crime branch to register a case and investigate. Crime branch of Delhi Police registered a case at Hauz Khas Police Station naming Anupam Thapa as complainant in the case and treating the entire story as a First Information Report.  Avnish Bajaj, the then CEO of the website was summoned by the Delhi High Court for having allowed this clip to be listed for auction under sections 67 and 85 of the I-T Act, 2000. While Section 67 prohibits publishing obscene information in electronic form, Section 85 allows the prosecution of a person responsible for the business of a company over violations. Bajaj who had subsequently sold his company to eBay Pvt. Ltd. contended that mere listing could not be construed as crime under the Information Technology Act 2000.

Legal consequences

This incident caused a sudden panic across the country and many discussions regarding the inefficiency of the I-T Act, 2000 and the need to amend it started . Also, after this scandal, owing to debates around culpability, liability and prosecution of material on the internet, several key judgments were passed including banning the use of mobile phones in college and school campuses across India. 

Impact On The Students Involved 

Both of them are rusticated from the school. The girl was send to abroad & the boy got admission in another school. This brings a bad impact on their carrier. More over the IIT Student was also rusticated who is in the  8th sem (geo physical sciences).

Social Impact

This incident brings bad name to the families of students as well as to the school . Some people developed soft corner  for the girl . And many community pages were made on social networking sites like Facebook & Orkut to support her.

Inspired Movies 

The stories of Dev D (2009) and Love Sex aur Dhokha (2010), two Hindi films were loosely based on this MMS scandal story.

Latest News Related To Students Involved

The boy involved in this case has changed his name & now living a life like normal person by working in a call center. And the girl involved in this case had married at the early age & is now mother of three children.


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